Maskless Patrons Cut Water Line at Miami Restaurant After Being Refused Service

A new viral video shows angry customers cutting the water line to a restaurant after they were asked to leave for not wearing masks. The group consisted of four young people who were visibly upset when Ms. Cheezious in Miami, Florida escorted them out for refusing to wear face masks. Security cameras then caught the group apparently cutting the water line and running away, forcing the restaurant to close.

The video was published by CBS News Miami, relating an incident that took place on Saturday night. Brian Mullins, the restaurant owner, told reporters that the group seemed upset as they were asked to leave the restaurant. They then stood outside for a while, apparently full of nervous energy. One young man even picked a girl up and flipped her over before they decided to leave. They walked just out of sight of the camera, apparently fiddling with something, and then water sprayed up into the air.

The party ran away from the scene after the water line was cut, leaving Mullins and other viewers with little doubt that they were responsible. Mullins is hoping that the surveillance footage will help identify the group, but so far police have not tracked them down.

Ms. Cheezious was closed for the night, and forced to stay closed until the water line could be repaired. As many critics pointed out, this was especially mean-spirited because restaurants are struggling to stay afloat in general right now. To add something like this onto their worries could have permanently put Ms. Cheezious out of business.


While public fatigue with face masks and other preventative measures wears on, the coronavirus pandemic is only worsening around the U.S. Public health officials begged Americans not to travel or gather in large groups for Thanksgiving, but many did not heed the warning last week, causing fear of a massive spike in the weeks to come. According to a report by CNN, millions of Americans traveled for the holiday, likely spreading COVID-19 all over in the process.

The pandemic is already straining the medical infrastructure to capacity as it is. A record-breaking 91,635 people were reportedly hospitalized on Saturday, and physicians say that "there's no way hospitals can be fully prepared for what we're currently facing." For the latest information on the coronavirus pandemic, visit the websites of the CDC and the World Health Organization.