Man's Sunburned Scalp Serves as Reminder of the Importance of Sunscreen

One man on Twitter is warning everyone to remember to wear sunscreen before going outside.

Cade Huckabay had an unfortunate run-in with the sun that led to him becoming a Twitter star.

On Dec. 4, Huckabay took to the social media site to share a cautionary tale about the results of not liberally applying sunscreen before heading outside.

"One time I shaved my head, got severely sunburned, & swelled up just a little bit :-)," he tweeted alongside four pictures of himself. The first picture appears normal, but after a third picture depicts him poking his forehead, the fourth picture shows a very visible dent in his head.

"Welp I shaved my head because I wanted to see what it'd look like at basic. Then I decided to get sunburnt af and this happened.. word to the wise, wear sunscreen," Huckabay explained in a follow-up tweet.

The tweet, which has already gained nearly 75,000 retweets and more than 240,000 likes, was met with Twitter users ready to poke fun at Huckabay's misfortune.

One user couldn't help but liken the images to a doll.


Another spotted an uncanny resemblance to SpongeBob SquarePants.