Watch: Man Breaks Into Restaurant, Eats Multiple Bananas and Falls Asleep

In one of the world's weirdest burglaries yet, a thief broke into a New York restaurant early Saturday morning, ate nearly a dozen bananas and fell asleep on the floor, WABC reports.

The man broke into Long Island's The Sexy Salad at around 1:45 a.m., and was caught on surveillance footage helping himself to the restaurant's stash of bananas. The Suffolk County Police Department shared that the man proceeded to urinate in a trash can before falling asleep on the floor.

The thief left before the restaurant's employees arrived in the morning, but he reportedly left his driver's license and a watch at the scene. Police tracked the man down, and he paid restitution to the resturant.

"If you're gonna be broken into, you might as well get a good laugh out of it," said restaurant owner John Robertson, who declined to press charges. "This guy was hysterical. I've never seen somebody so drunk."



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