The Same-Sex Kiss That Sparked Controversy at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

'The Prom,' a Broadway show, made history for the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade gay kiss.

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is known for featuring big musical numbers from some of Broadway's biggest shows, and one time the event sparked controversy with a same-sex kiss. The moment came in 2018 while the cast of The Prom, a Broadway musical, were performing a song from the play. At one point, two female cast members kissed, which many cited as the very first same-sex kiss to ever be featured during the live broadcast, something that has not gone unnoticed by critics of the moment.

"Who knows what sort of ground Macy's will break in next year's Thanksgiving Day Parade – perhaps a salute to gender fluidity or polyamorous relationships? Or maybe they'll just throw caution to the wind and throw an old-fashioned 1960s love fest right in the middle of 34th Street," online columnist Todd Starnes commented. His fellow conservative commentator Linda Harvey took issue with kiss as well, saying that the moment was reflective of Macy's joining in the LGBTQ+ "agenda [which] is like an airborne infection that's suddenly everywhere."

One other person tweeted, "You guys need Jesus and to read your bible. Its not right for girl to kiss girl guy to kiss guy. And President Trump is buying America time to get right before God returns to save his people from the filth you guys think is ok."

Not everyone was upset by the kiss, however, as many turned up to express their joy over it, and showered praise on Macy's for airing it. "The Prom including this kiss is so important you guys. soft gay content has always been reserved for the pg-13 or r-rated crowd and the parade is all family," one fan commented. "they're normalizing gay relationships and soooo many kids are going to see it and know they're okay and yes im crying rn."

"Hahahaha wow people are super mad two women kissed. Gay people exist, get over it," someone else quipped. Someone else added, "The amount of homophobia being directed at The Prom's performance is TERRIFYING and the idea that you "can't even watch the program with your children anymore" because two girls kissed makes me horrified for what would happen if your children discover they're gay or trans." It is unclear if Macy's ever issued a comment on the controversy.