Lori Vallow's Friend Calls Her Cult the 'Work of Satan,' Claims She Had 'Deadly' Visions

A new twist in the developing story behind the mind of both Lori Vallow and husband Chad Daybell after her two children JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan's remains were found on Daybell's Idaho property. Now, one of Vallow's friends is coming forward to reveal a few new things. According to pal Melanie Gibb, inside a letter she wrote, she said that Vallow foresaw her ex-husband, Charles Vallow's death last year.

"Charles was supposed to die according to the visions she had of him dying and she was greatly disappointed when he didn't," she wrote according to the New York Post. "Chad and Lori were so anxious to be together that Chad devised a plan and called Lori to let her know that Charles was taken over by an unclean spirit and was no longer Charles anymore. These unclean spirits would later be called Zombies."

She also stated in her letter that her friend had deadly "visions," even calling her cult "the work of Satan." The couple was a part of a doomsday cult called Preparing a People who believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ and the end of days. "There is nothing like letting the world see you be deceived," Gibb wrote. "Satan came knocking," she added before continuing with, "My heart is so broken because of what happened to all those who were murdered and those who I once called my friends." Gibb says she feels her friend was persuaded by Daybell quite often since he was so soft-spoken and seemingly had all the right answers at the right time.

In July, Charles was fatally shot by Vallow's brother Alex Cox. However, prior to his death, he sent emails to Cox as he suspected there was something going on between his wife and Daybell. When Charles sent an email to Cox, two weeks before he was shot, he stated that Vallow had created a fake email account in his name which was used to invite Daybell to their Arizona home. "I would gladly fly you down here early next week," the message read. "You could stay in our guest room like before, I hate to take you away from your family, but I would definitely make it worth your time."

In his email to Cox, he stated his concern over Daybell and Vallow's relationship. "I'm not sure of the relationship with her and Chad Daybell but they are up to something," he wrote. "She will not explain it. I am going to send it to Chad Daybell's wife. Her name is Tammy and I found her email address on their website too... I've got her cell number too." However, three months later she was killed.