Lindsey Vonn's Dog Almost Hit Outside Gym in Close Call

In what was certainly a very frightening situation, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn's dog was almost hit by a car outside a gym.

According to The Daily Mail, Vonn had just exited a gym in Studio City, California when her pet got loose and ran out into the road.

The dog darted directly in front of an oncoming car but Vonn scooped up the pup at the last second, rescuing it from a terrible fate.

It was also reported that following the harrowing ordeal, the 33-year-old was seen getting on to the puppy for running away from her.

Vonn recently fired back at people criticizing her for anti-Trump views, saying, "I’m not going to back down."

Following her failure to medal during 2018 Winter Olympics skiing event, online critics began ridiculing her loss as "karma" for past comments she made about U.S. President Donald Trump, as also reported by The Daily Mail.

"Lindsey Vonn is the latest to suffer from 'Trump Effect'. Should keep your mouth shut and race. Don't insult us," wrote one person on social media. "Karma is a mo fo. Glad to see you lose. You're an anti-American," said another.

Vonn fired back recently saying, “They want to defeat you. And I’m not defeated. I’m the same. I stand by my values. I’m not going to back down. I may not be as vocal right now with my opinions but that doesn’t mean they’ve won. I haven’t changed my mind.’’

Much of the criticism against Vonn stems from a past CNN interview where she was asked, “How would it feel competing at an Olympic Games for a United States whose president is Donald Trump?”

“Well, I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the president.... I take the Olympics very seriously, and what they mean and what they represent,’’ Vonn responded. “What walking under our flag means at the opening ceremony. I want to represent our country well. I don’t think that there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that.”

The controversy surrounding Vonn is just one of many that emerged from the 2018 Winter Games. Another situation that made headlines was the North Korean speed-skating competitor who fell down and appeared to be trying to grab his Japanese rival's skate.

Shortly after the start of the race, Jong Kwang Bom took a tumble and ended up sliding on the ice on his stomach, as reported by Newsweek.


Replays of the the fall seemed to show the Olympian from North Korea attempting to grab the skate of Japanese competitor Keita Watanabe.

Watanabe was able to shake the grab and continue on, but the race was halted. Jong was disqualified from the race, but does not appear to have admitted that it was an intentional grab.