Watch Timelapse Video of Lake-Effect Snow Rolling Toward Cleveland

Winter weather is officially here, and the snow is falling heavily in the Northeast, with over five feet falling in parts of western New York and Pennsylvania, ABC News shares. Other states are on the receiving end of the cold as well, with lake-effect snow from the Great Lakes also impacting Ohio and Michigan.

In a timelapse video shared on Twitter, one user captured lake-effect snow rolling into Cleveland from Lake Erie on Wednesday, and while this image is likely familiar to those from Northern states, it's still something to marvel at as the snow comes crashing in.

In Erie, Pennsylvania, the airport recorded 65.1 inches of snow, marking the highest snowfall total from any event on record in Erie. Redfield, New York has seen 62.2 inches of snow since Christmas Day, and plenty of other towns have seen the snow pile up thanks to the lake effect event.

Along with snowfall, freezing temperatures are also hitting the Northeast, with some of New England expected to feel like 20 to 30 degrees below zero on Thursday morning. In New York City on Thursday morning wind chills will be below zero.

This cold weather is expected to last into the new year, with another blast of cold weather set to hit the Midwest and East over the weekend.


Photo Credit: Twitter / @TheChrisLoney