Australians Aren't Happy They Can't Get Kim Kardashian's Perfume

Kim Kardashian's beauty company recently launched a collection of perfumes, but it seems not all the mogul's customers are happy with their purchase.

Customers in Australia, New Zealand and other countries are unable to receive the perfumes they ordered due to blackout zones they were unaware of.

TMZ reports that as the perfume is considered a "flammable/hazardous material" because of its alcohol content, it can't be shipped by FedEx and other carriers, resulting in customers not receiving the product they ordered and feeling upset because they were not aware of the zones. The company's website will reportedly soon be updated with the information regarding the zones.

Sources say Kardashian and her team were first told that there would be no issue shipping overseas, but now that they know, KKW Fragrance is currently contacting customers who ordered from the blackout zones and promising to refund them.

Aside from the shipping restriction, some international customers are also unhappy about the perfume's high shipping cost, with some customers saying on Twitter that they are being charged $16 for shipping.

Kardashian's three perfumes — Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Oud and Crystal Gardenia Citrus — each come in two sizes, 30mL for $35 and 75mL for $60. A $16 shipping charge would be nearly half the price of the smaller size,

To potentially combat the shipping costs, KKW Fragrance is currently offering free shipping on U.S. orders and 10 percent off international orders.


Photo Credit: Twitter / @KKWFRAGRANCE