Kellogg's Debuts Mermaid Fruit Loops in Australia

Toucan Sam is headed to the Land Down Under and dipping his claws into the sea, Kellogg’s [...]

Toucan Sam is headed to the Land Down Under and dipping his claws into the sea, Kellogg's officially launching Mermaid Froot Loops.

It's the home of Vegemite, kangaroos, and creatures scary enough to give you nightmares, but Australia can now also pride itself as being the exclusive home to the newly debuted Mermaid Froot Loops, an ocean-lover's take on the beloved rainbow-hued cereal, Us Weekly reports.

Passing on the typical bright reds, blues, and greens, the new breakfast cereal boasts loops of purple, green, and yellowish gold hues.

According to the box, which boasts an all-new purple and gold mermaid Froot Loops mascot, the cereal is free of preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. The cereal is also likely "fortified with useful minerals and vitamins, such as vitamins C, B, calcium, and iron," Metro reports.

Mermaids at heart here in the United States, or really any place in the Western hemisphere, will have trouble getting their hands on the new limited-edition breakfast dish. Currently, Mermaid Froot Loops are only being sold at Costco and Aldi stores in Australia, and there are no known plans to release the cereal in other areas across the world.

That hasn't stopped those on social media from making a wave of requests for the cereal to be brought stateside.

"@KelloggsUS Are you going to bring the Mermaid Froot Loops to the US???" one person asked.

Kellogg's responded to the comment by offering a small sliver of hope, but not outright confirming or denying the possibility of Mermaid Froot Loops being brought to the United States.

"Thank you for reaching out to us regarding a new product you heard about," the brand wrote. "We are always coming out with new products, so please be sure to watch store shelves and our websites to see what's next."

Those other products that Kellogg's is referring to include the Unicorn Froot Loops, which were first launched in the United Kingdom before making their debut in the United States. The colorful cereal featured birthday cake flavored loops and "fun crunchlets."

The brand has also debuted limited-edition berry-flavored loops dubbed Caticorn Cereal, which is currently available at Sam's Club for two boxes for just $5.98. The cereal will be available through the end of April.