Keaton Jones' Sister Denies Fundraising Efforts, Racism Claims

Lakyn Jones, the older sister of Keaton Jones, is trying to set the record straight on her family's beliefs while criticisms and rumors run rampant.

Keaton went viral over the weekend when his account of being bullied at school was shared by numerous celebrities.

While the internet initially embraced Keaton, a growing faction of people have started to turn on the Jones family. Some are critical of the fundraising efforts being held for Keaton, and others are taking aim due to photos of the family alongside Confederate imagery. There's also an unverified rumor that Keaton was only bullied after he had called a group of African American boys "n—s."

Lakyn took to her Twitter account to clear up the drama that's taken over the conversation.

She first cleared up the legitimacy of the @KimberlyJones_38 Instagram account, which many believed to belong to her mother Kimberly Jones. She said that account was fake and that her mother has never posted to Instagram before.

She then question the legitimacy of the GoFundMe created in Keaton's name, saying they have not received any money and that they do not want to.

"[My mother] has a private Instagram and hasn't talked to anyone," Lakyn wrote. "We haven't received any money and don't plan on it. The GoFundMes aren't by any of us."

She then shot down the rumor about her brother, and then defended the family's use of confederate imagery.

Lakyn says her brother doesn't used the expletive claimed in the rumor, and that she doesn't equate Confederate flag use to racism.

"Those who know me and my family know we aren't racist," she said. "My brother doesn't say the 'N' word. Please leave it alone.

She then replied to someone sharing a confederate flag photo in question and said, "I am from the South. You'll see a million flags like that. Doesn't mean we are racist."

In the original viral video, Keaton is captured on video by Kimberly tearing up as he recounts incidents of bullying that have happened to him and other students at his school, which is located in East Tennessee. Kimberly had to pick him up after he was too afraid to go to lunch due to bullying.

Among the abuse he's had to deal with at his school, Keaton has been faced with jokes about his looks and social status, as well as physical actions such as milk being poured on him and food being forced into his clothing.

"Why do you find joy in taking innocent people and finding a way to be mean to 'em?" Keaton said. "It's not okay...People that are different don't need to be criticized about it. It's not their fault."


Keaton then turns his focus on inspiring other children who have to deal with bullying at school.

"If you are made fun of, just don't let it bother you," Keaton said. "Stay strong, I guess. It's hard, but it will probably get better one day."