July 4th: Is Home Depot Open?

aThe holiday weekend is here, and with many Fourth of July celebrations canceled, some are hoping to use the time to catch up on chores and home improvement projects. Fortunately, Home Depot is open, allowing you to make those last-minute runs for supplies. The store is adjusting to both the coronavirus pandemic and the Independence Day rush this weekend.

Home Depot, in general, is open for the Fourth of July, though you may want to look up your local store to be sure before heading out there. It's also worth remembering that most Home Depot locations still have coronavirus safety measures in place, which customers must observe. According to the company's website, this varies by location and can include early closures, limited occupancy, social distancing and face masks inside the stores. In some cases, employees may even take customers' temperature with a remote thermometer before they are allowed inside.

Home Depot also notes that it has eliminated significant sales and promotions during the coronavirus pandemic. This policy is to ensure that the store is not driving traffic any higher than necessary, creating an unnecessary risk for the virus to spread. The company is open as "an essential retailer to the communities we serve," not to turn an exception profit during this crisis.

These measures can streamline things for customers who know what they are looking for as well. Home Depot has now expanded its options for curbside pickup orders, meaning you will not have to enter the store at all. You can also get deliveries easier than ever, though some installation services are now limited for the safety of the technicians.


Home Depot is one of many stores that are open for regular business hours on Saturday, despite the Fourth of July and the coronavirus pandemic. Many grocery store chains are staying open to ensure that people have access to food, including those with limited options for getting out of the house. Meanwhile, convenience stores, big-box retailers and department stores are generally keeping their doors open as well.

Surprisingly, however, both Costco and Trader Joe's have opted to close on Saturday, according to a report by USA Today. The two have become essential to many customers during this pandemic, providing bulk items to cut down on shopping frequency and affordable prices for those with tenuous financial circumstances. The stores will be open as usual on Sunday.