JonBenet Ramsey Family Member Speaks out as New DNA Evidence Revives Case

JonBenet Ramsey's half-brother is hopeful the person responsible for her murder will be brought to [...]

JonBenet Ramsey's half-brother is hopeful the person responsible for her murder will be brought to justice. Ahead of a January premiere for a documentary on Discovery+, John Andrew Ramsey and father John Bennett Ramsey spoke out about the case and hoped the case would finally be brought to a close. Now with new DNA evidence possibly blowing things open, the documentary could bounce back into the spotlight.

"The objective of this documentary is to keep JonBenet's case in the spotlight," Ramsey told Fox News in January. "We hope it can keep memories fresh for people who may know anything. Maybe it can compel someone to come out and share information that they've been holding on to for 24 years."

"When I look at it, the reality is we have a murder investigation that has dozens, if not hundreds, of pieces of physical evidence… There is an abundance of evidence that's available. This case can be solved," he continued.

This thinking is what sparked the continued work of people like Roscoe J. Clark and
Derek Brommerich who recently revealed they gathered a DNA sample from a discarded cigarette from an individual they've kept a close eye on and they believe they may be responsible.

"This will give all of the options," Clark said, according to Radar. "This could be the breakthrough everyone has been waiting for during the past 24 years and it's based on hard evidence and forensic science. I'm 100-perfect positive we have the right suspect, and we can't rule this person out."

JonBenet Ramsey was murdered in 1996, her body discovered the day after Christmas. The 6-year-old was first reported missing on Christmas Day before her father found her body. Both John and Patsy Ramsey were ruled out due to DNA evidence after being considered suspects for months.

Today, several suspects are still popping up in headlines, with the latest going unnamed as they look into the DNA evidence. For many still interested in the case, there is still hope.