JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case Alleged DNA Sample May Break Investigation Back Open

25 years after the murder of JonBenét Ramsey, there may be more answers that give insight into who was behind the beauty queen's killing. According to Radar, there is a new potential suspect that has been identified in the high-profile case as investigators continue to bring answers to her family. Roscoe J. Clark, the founder of the online group JonBenét investigations and co-investigator, Derek Brommerich, gathered a DNA sample from a discarded cigarette after they've kept an close eye on the individual they think may be responsible.

The DNA was given to Sheriff Mike Angus in Flint, Michigan on May 7. The report is intended to be passed on to the local FBI office. Both Brommerich and Clark traveled to Ramsey's hometown of Boulder, Colorado to collect the sample, and Clark intends to send a copy of the report to the Boulder Police Department, the Boulder County Sheriff's Office, and to District Attorney Michael Dougherty. "This will give all of the options," Clark said. "This could be the breakthrough everyone has been waiting for during the past 24 years and it's based on hard evidence and forensic science. I'm 100-perfect positive we have the right suspect, and we can't rule this person out."

The outlet is currently withholding the potential suspects name so authorities have enough time to gather their evidence without alerting the person they feel may be responsible. The person they have in mind is linked to one of Ramsey's neighbors. A little over a year ago, Ramsey's father, John Ramsey, confessed that he believes his daughter's horrific murder had something to do with him. "He said something that was so heartbreaking," producer of The Killing of JonBenét: The Final Suspects, Dylan Howard said during an episode. "He said to me that JonBenét was killed because of him," adding that he feels his daughter was "targeted" ahead of her December 1996 death.

"He had just sold his business to a significant company that obviously gave him millions and millions of dollars," he continued. "So someone may have been jealous of his success. He said to me, 'I live every day knowing that my daughter was killed, likely, because of me,' and that broke my heart." Two decades may have passed, but her brother John Andrew Ramsey remains hopeful that they'll see justice served one day and feels it will happen soon. "We have the killer's DNA [...] so that's hugely important and will ultimately solve this crime," he said on an episode of the podcast.


He added, "There are additional items that should be tested given today's new technology for additional samples. And then [...] the advent of using genealogy to identify a killer is hugely promising, and that technology will only get better."