John Cusack Calls out Donald Trump's 'Exit Strategy,' Blasts Remaining Supporters as 'Racists'

On Friday, John Cusack posted his latest scathing condemnation of President Donald Trump, saying that all of Trump's remaining followers are racists. Cusack also speculated that the president is seeking an "exit strategy" from the government, believing that he is in danger of going to jail. The tweet sparked a considerable uproar, even in Cusack's extremely political Twitter-sphere.

Cusack has been one of the most outspoken celebrities denouncing Trump since his presidency began, but his criticism on Friday struck a harsh chord with some. On Friday, he spent hours retweeting and responding to posts about Trump's latest controversies, including a video of Trump's controversial "dominate the streets" speech set to videos of police violence against protesters. After that, he tweeted: "Trump is playing for an exit strategy - that keeps him from jail- [military] has abandoned his fascism - all he's got left is racists- He wants something to leverage - to stay out of jail."

Some respondents were shocked to see Cusack casually dismiss all remaining Trump supporters as "racists," but others agreed. Many also shared Cusack's belief that Trump is in danger of going to jail — and that he knows it. However, many others who oppose Trump argued that if he has not faced repercussions from within the U.S. government by now, he is unlikely to.

Cusack engaged actively with his followers in the hours that followed, joining them for speculative discussions about the president's tactics in the ongoing protests around the country. Many feared for the lives of those still demonstrating, as Trump has repeatedly tried to escalate the military response.

Cusack himself has been out with protesters on the street on several occasions now. The actor went viral last week when he posted a video of himself being shoved and screamed at by Chicago police for trying to film them. "Cops didn't like me filming the burning car so they came at me with batons. Hitting my bike," he wrote at the time.


In the hours since his controversial Friday afternoon tweet, Cusack has continued his political discourse — endorsing various Democratic candidates for legislative offices and sharing arguments for removing Trump from the White House immediately. He even referred to attorney general William Barr as "The final ass— to stand by Trump before prison." Many followers remain skeptical that real consequences are facing Trump or his administration.