Joe Biden Called out for Not Showing Support for Monthly Stimulus Checks

Joe Biden has come under fire for not supporting the move to get $2,000 monthly stimulus checks sent to the American people. While many Americans are praising Joe Biden for pushing the United States Senate to go further in providing coronavirus relief, others say that he is not going far enough. They believe that if Biden is serious with his rhetoric on this emergency, he should throw his support behind one of the many proposals for a stimulus check every month.

Biden has been publicly calling out the Senate — particularly the Republican majority there — for not passing the HEROES Act to get another stimulus check to the American people. However, Biden is facing criticism from the left as well, with many people saying that the Heroes Act does not go far enough. Other lawmakers in the U.S. Congress and the Senate have proposed a monthly stimulus check for up to $2,000 sent out every month until the coronavirus crisis is over, and they think that as the 2020 presidential frontrunner, Biden should do the same.

The idea of a monthly stimulus check has been around for months now, with Rep. Ro Khanna and Rep. Tim Ryan introducing it as The Emergency Money for The People Act. Similarly, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Ed Markey have brought the Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act to the Senate, with like-minded parameters. However, Congress instead passed the HEROES Act in a hurry, allowing for another one-time $1,200 stimulus check. Lawmakers like Sanders have said that this will not be enough for many Americans.

Americans are still calling out for this $2,000 per month program, with various online petitions to their representatives. One is addressed directly to Biden, arguing that the presidential frontrunner should bring his powerful voice to this issue.

"This dependable monthly stimulus will help millions of recently unemployed Americans and also enable us to help each other get through this crisis," the petition reads. At the time of this writing, it has just over 300,000 signatures, with more coming in by the minute. So far, Biden and his campaign have not responded to questions about this idea, though the outcry online is mounting.


Still, Biden's defenders say that he should stay focused on pushing whatever bill has the best chance of passing, which many argue is the HEROES Act. on Wednesday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tweeted: "Instead of holding a vote on The #HeroesAct, Senate Republicans are engaging in a clear act of political retribution designed to help the President keep his job. The Senate must stop playing along with the President's dangerous tactics & take steps to save lives and livelihoods."