Ivanka Trump's 'Can't Miss' Tweet Following Father Donald's Impeachment Stirs Social Media

Ivanka Trump finally broke her silence on her father Donald Trump's impeachment earlier in the week. Many had called out the president's daughter for her silence following the vote on Wednesday night, but she sat for an interview with CBS' Face The Nation set to air on Sunday, Dec. 29 and returned to social media with a spirited take on the success that her father had during the week.

Trump posted a "can't miss" tweet on Friday night, laying out all of the can't miss wins the White House had in recent days.

This includes a pay raise for troops, the launch of Space Force, paid leave, permanent historical black colleges and universities funding, the first phase of the China trade deal and much more. She closed the tweet by wishing the USA a happy holiday, but many decided that she missed a few.

"Daddy was impeached, daddy had a meltdown about being impeached, daddy said a dead congressman is in Hell, daddy continues to obstruct justice and lie," one reply read.

Many others joined in and added their own takes on Trump's tweet.

"There's a phrase political consultants use: Changing the Subject," one critic wrote.

"Uh oh, she said Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Do I sense some middle aged rebellion against Daddy?" another added, with some pointing out Trump is Jewish.

"I didn't see 'foodstamps taken away from 700,000 including children's hot lunch programs' on your list," a third added, pointing out a news bit that Trump forgot to add to her list.

Before her return to Twitter, many were criticizing Trump for her silence immediately after the impeachment announcement.

"Can you please tell us how you feel about your dad being fired from his job?" one comment read despite the ignorance on the subject.

"Quiet about impeachment! Says a lot!" another added.

But Trump also had a fair share of supporters too, sharing some positive messages.


"I would like to politely say that you are doing a brilliant job in the [White House],"a supporter wrote. "Thank you so much for making the United States Of America a prosperous country in not only in this administration, but in this presidency as well. Thank you so much, Ivanka!!!"

Ivanka's interview with Margaret Brennan will air on Sunday, Dec. 29 on Face The Nation. Segments have already previewed on CBS Evening News on Thursday and CBS This Morning on Friday.