Inauguration Day 2021: Former Lakers' Star Magic Johnson Celebrates President Biden's 'Message of Unity'

Joe Biden was officially sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on Wednesday during a busy Inauguration Day. He delivered a message to the public during his opening speech and impressed a former standout player for the Los Angeles Lakers. Earvin "Magic" Johnson watched Biden's speech and praised the message.

"President Biden’s message of unity and healing is just what we needed," Johnson wrote on Wednesday afternoon in a series of tweets about the inauguration. "There’s a lot to repair and regain for our country but as he said, we are resilient and strong. I agree, without unity there is no peace and we must take the time to hear, listen and understand one another.

"The Biden Harris administration will work for ALL American people and put us first," he continued. "Democracy has prevailed and under our new leadership alliances will be repaired and America can get back to being a leader amongst other nations. We are the UNITED States of America."

Johnson continued to rave about the incoming administration and the events of Inauguration Day. He said in one tweet that "The people have spoken. We needed an administration that values truth, unity, and diversity. We are seeing it right now. History was made today as the first Black, first south Asian and first female Vice President in the history of our country, Kamala Harris took her oath."

He continued and talked about the impact that Harris will make while serving as Vice President of the United States. "All young women of color around the entire country and outside of our borders should be inspired, hopeful, and confident that their voices matter and they too can hold leadership positions," Johnson tweeted.


The NBA Hall of Famer reflected upon Inauguration Day with several other tweets, explaining that he feels "energized" and "excited" after watching a peaceful transfer of power. He called the event uplifting and talked about how he was in awe after seeing the country's diversity on full display. Johnson praised Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez's performances and highlighted the youngest Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman. He also mentioned that multiple past presidents were on hand for Inauguration Day.

Johnson ended his string of tweets by calling for people around the United States to join him in a massive gesture. "Let’s put all of our support behind President [Joe Biden] and Vice President [Kamala Harris]!" he tweeted on Wednesday. Several people pledged to join him in showing support.