Inauguration Day 2021: Russell Wilson’s ‘So Fly’ Photo of Barack and Michelle Obama Has Fans Cheering

Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama were on hand for Inauguration Day on Wednesday, joining Joe Biden as he was officially sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. The pair sparked several comments with their appearance, including one from Russell Wilson. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback said that the Obamas were "so fly."

Wilson posted a screenshot on Twitter that showed the former president and his wife arriving for the ceremony. They were dressed to the nines and holding hands. Michelle drew particular attention with her suit as many praised the outfit and said that she looked "like she was a superhero" coming back. Wilson was among those praising the pair and their arrival, which prompted several comments from people on social media.

"Like his policy or not, this guy represented what it means to be a president and dignified as much as any other great president. A real one," one fan commented on Twitter. Another added that Michelle was "flawless with my hair laid right and my plum ensemble."

Along with her outfit, Michelle sparked several comments on social media as she and her husband greeted Vice President Kamala Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff. They could not share an embrace due to COVID-19 protocols, so they opted for a different greeting. The group exchanged fist bumps, a moment that quickly went viral.

While taking her oath, Harris made history due to becoming the first Black and Southeast Asian woman to become vice president. Michelle was the first Black woman to hold the role of First Lady. Having these two figures greet each other served as a major moment for viewers of the inauguration, with many saying that they were "screaming with joy."


Michelle was not the only former First Lady creating comments with her ensemble on Wednesday. Melania Trump also drew attention with a dress that she wore after leaving the White House and heading to Florida. The outfit started darker in color up by her shoulders before transitioning to a lighter color scheme by her feat. The dress featured hues of red, orange, and blue.

Several people saw the look and responded with a variety of comments. Some said that Melania looked "great" while others disagreed and said that her dress matched "Donald Trump's face." The comments continued as photos and videos circulated on social media.