Hot Dogs and Corn Dogs Recalled Across Multiple Grocery Stores

We can only hope that you haven't been on a hot dog kick while grilling this summer because a few different products have just been recalled with multiple grocery stores pulling them off the shelves. In a notice posted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, two chicken-based hot dog items, as well as a corn dog product, have been recalled. The first one is Maple Lodge Farms' Original Chicken Wieners. The other two recalls affect Zabiha Halal and its Original Chicken Wieners and Corn Dog items. 

The CFIA says the recalls are due to an undeclared allergen, pea protein. While it isn't a common allergen we see on the recall beat, it's still a vital one for those allergic or sensitive to it. CFIA notes the symptoms of exposure could be "life-threatening" to some. The nationally sold products have caused at least "one reported reaction" that sparked a consumer complaint. According to local paper Inside Halton, multiple grocery stores that have since pulled the items are Food Basics, FreshCo, Walmart, Metro and Sobeys, as well as Loblaw Companies Ltd., though they have not stated whether the recalled products were sold on their shelves.

The government agency tells customers and vendors to "not serve, use, sell or distribute recalled products." The CFIA is currently still investigating the case, which means additional products could be recalled, however only these are being pulled from shelves right now. To identify the specific products that don't have the undeclared protein on the label, look for the following indicators.

(Photo: Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

Maple Lodge Farms Original Chicken Wieners

  • Size: 450 g
  • UPC: 0 67714 00001 6
  • All Best Before dates from 2022.JN.30 up to and including 2022.SE.28
(Photo: Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

Zabiha Halal Original Chicken Wieners

  • Size: 450 g
  • UPC: 0 67714 00203 4
  • All Best Before dates from 2022.JN.30 up to and including 2022.SE.28
(Photo: Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

Zabiha Halal Corn Dog

  •  Size: 1 kg
  • UPC: 0 67714 00838 8
  • LOT 16522 (BBD 2023 06 14)
  • LOT 16422 (BBD 2023 06 13)
  • LOT 13622 (BBD 2023 05 16)
  • LOT 12922 (BBD 2023 05 09)
  • LOT 12622 (BBD 2023 05 06)

Per the CFIA, "recalled products should be thrown out or returned to the location where they were purchased." Shoppers can also contact Maple Lodge Farms Ltd. directly using the email address or the phone number 1-888-664-4444. The public can also direct questions on the recall to the CFIA via the email address or the phone numbers 1-800-442-2342 (Canada and U.S.) and 1-613-773-2342 (local or international).