Teacher Who Fired Gun at Georgia High School Posted 'Thoughts and Prayers' on Facebook Page

The teacher who allegedly fired a gun at a Georgia high school on Wednesday previously shared a cryptic "thoughts and prayers" message on Facebook.

Jesse Randall Davidson, a social studies teacher and play-by-play football announcer for the school, was taken into custody after he allegedly fired a shot in his Dalton High School classroom after barricading himself inside, Dalton Police spokesman Bruce Frazier told reporters after the incident.

No children were wounded in the shooting but one student did suffer an ankle injury as she tried to evacuate in the ensuing chaos, police said.

Prior to his episode inside the empty classroom, a Facebook page which appears to belong to Davidson offered up what seems to be a response to the controversy surrounding mass tragedies, including the attack on Marjory Stonemason Douglas High School in Florida on Feb. 14.

The account shared a graphic on Feb. 17 of a control panel lined with buttons reading "Do Something." Rather than engage any of those buttons, the illustrated hand points to a single button labeled "Thoughts & Prayers."

"Not much to add to this one," the account owner, believed to be Davidson, wrote in the caption.

Followers dug up the post and offered scathing responses to the man who allegedly locked himself inside a classroom and set off his handgun.

"Thanks a lot… Do you know how many kids are scared to death of going to school now because of you? School is a place they are supposed to feel safe & loved & helped by the teachers, they are supposed to be able to look up to you," one follower commented on his cryptic post.

"Where is the button for 'Bring gun to school and fire a shot to stop the talk of arming teachers?'" another wrote, suggesting that he acted out to thwart lawmakers from carrying out talks to arm teachers in the event of safety attacks.

Others fueled the theory's fire, citing that this was Davidson's apparent way of "doing something."

"He brought a gun into his own school to get the conversation away from arming teachers and back on gun control. This one post makes his position and motive absolutely clear," a follower theorized.


According to police, Davidson was alone in his locked classroom when a student tried to enter around 11:30 a.m local time. The student then alerted the school's principal, who tried to open the door with a key. At that time, authorities said Davidson fired a shot from a handgun, which flew out a classroom window.

Dalton Police said Davidson has been charged with aggravated assault, carrying weapon on school grounds, terroristic threats, reckless conduct, possession of gun during commission of a crime and disrupting public school.

Photo credit: Dalton Public Schools