'Game of Thrones' Star Sets World Record as Newest KFC Colonel

KFC has found its newest Colonel Harland Sanders in Game of Thrones' Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane.

Kentucky Fried Chicken could not recruit just anybody to promote their new Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich, a tower of two chicken patties encased in a bun. The fried chicken chain had to rein in the extra muscles of the towering and intimidating Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who is best known as playing the menacing role of Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane on HBO's Game of Thrones.

Standing at 6'9" and weighing 418-pounds, Björnsson seemed to be the only one capable of taking on the 10.795-centimeter-tall Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich in the Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich Challenge. However, Björnsson, as a Colonel Sanders who was sent away from Kentucky and instead to Iceland as a child to train for this very specific event, was able to pull the crate loaded with 700 pounds of KFC's newest menu item.

"I'm not afraid of a challenge, so I couldn't say no when KFC asked me if I wanted to attempt to pull a massive amount of Double Crispy Colonel sandwiches instead of a semi-truck like I normally do," Björnsson said in a statement, according to Thrillist. "This feat isn't for the weak and neither is this sandwich."

The successful accomplishment allegedly landed Björnsson a world record, at least according to the video.

Andrea Zahumensky, CMO of KFC U.S., told AdWeek that the idea for the towering Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich was inspired by the approach burger places have been taking for years.

"We launched the Crispy Colonel Sandwich a few months ago and we believe it is the best chicken sandwich in the market," Zahumensky said. "Burger places have been selling double burgers for years, but nobody has really had a chicken sandwich like this worthy of doubling up on — so we decided to change the extra crispy fried chicken game by creating the Double Crispy Colonel."


"The Mountain" joins a growing list of celebrities to don the iconic white suit of Colonel Harland Sanders to help promote KFC's finger lickin' good chicken. Earlier this month, Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander took on the role, and in January, Reba McEntire brand's first female lead.

Rob Lowe, WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler, Vincent Kartheiser, George Hamilton, Ray Liotta, Billy Zane, Rob Riggle, Norm Macdonald, Darrell Hammond and Jim Gaffigan have also donned the white hair, beard, and suit for KFC.