French's Created Mustard-Flavored Ice Cream and Fans Are Gagging

There’s nothing better than a cool cone of ice cream to help you beat the summer heat, but for [...]

There's nothing better than a cool cone of ice cream to help you beat the summer heat, but for those perusing the freezer section looking for something other than chocolate or vanilla, French's has just the thing: French's Mustard Ice Cream. That's right, now condiments are getting the cooled treatment, meaning you can transform that ordinary burger into a bona fide ice cream sandwich.

(Photo: French's)

America's largest manufacturer of mustard announced Tuesday, July 31, that they teamed up with L.A.-based ice cream company Coolhaus just in time for National Mustard Day on Saturday to create the ultimate, and perhaps cringe worthy, creation.

Available for a limited-time only in Los Angeles and New York City beginning on Aug. 1, French's Mustard Ice Cream is described as "delivering its bold, one-of-a kind flavor" that brings "everyone the perfect summer treat to be enjoyed poolside, at a birthday party and as the perfect ending at a backyard barbeque (sic)." It is served alongside a pretzel cookie.

Unsurprisingly, the new summer treat is being met with mixed reactions on social media, with most stating that the creation is making them lose their appetite.

"I love mustard. I love ice cream. I suspect I will not love mustard ice cream," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Good morning from the Darkest Timeline!" another person wrote when sharing an article about the new frozen creation.

For those curious as to what exactly led to this unique ice cream flavor, Coolhaus CEO & founder Natasha Case explained that they were looking for a way to revamp a favorite condiment.

"As lovers of sweet-meets-savory, pure ingredients and unique creations, we are incredibly excited to be collaborating with French's Mustard in creating this one-of-a-kind product," Case said in a press release. "It's been so fun to explore this classic condiment in a whole new way and create an unforgettable thoughtfully-crafted ice cream flavor with an All-American taste."

Mustard Ice Cream is available at Coolhaus' location in Culver City, California, from Aug. 2-4 and Aug. 9-11. French's Mustard Ice Cream truck will be hitting the streets of New York City on Aug. 1 and 2 before making its way out to the Hamptons on Aug. 3.

Can't make it to either coast but still want to try the unusual flavor? French's has created an easy at-home recipe that can be found by clicking here.