Floyd Mayweather Considering One More Fight

Is Floyd Mayweather heading back into the ring for a 51st professional fight?

Sources close to the boxer say he is considering another comeback match and that "he's been training like a maniac in the gym," according to TMZ.

The boxer known as "Money" has been keeping in "fighting shape" since battling UFC fighter Conor McGregor in August, what he said would be his final match.

If Mayweather chose to return to the sport, McGregor would be an obvious opponent for a re-match, though "no official movement" has taken place.

Despite the rumblings of a return, Showtime Sports leader Stephen Espinoza said he wouldn't bank on a return for the boxer — even with the $300 million payout he earned for the original Mayweather-McGregor match.

"Floyd seems pretty happy retired; I don't think we'll see him in the ring again," Espinoza told TMZ of a potential re-match. "And it seems like UFC really wants McGregor back in the cage."

Even with the monstrous amount of money Mayweather would stand to make with another high-profile fight, Espinoza said the 20+ years he's spent in the ring give him ample room to hang up his gloves.

"He's given enough to the sport and I don't begrudge him wanting to retire," he added.

The boxer, who boasts a perfect 50 wins in 50 fights, recently took to Instagram to show off his swift, aggressive punches during a training session — just to show he's ready for anything.

When Mayweather took on McGregor for his final fight, the 40-year-old promised he would be more aggressive and veer away from his usual defensive and counter-punching tactics.


"Give the fans what they want to see. I pushed him and taunted him," Mayweather said of the match, then he turned his attention to McGregor's threats. " 'You still ain't knocked me out, yet. I thought you said it wasn't going past the fourth. Show me your real power.' That's all."

Since Mayweather came out on top for his last battle in the ring, making it an even 50 victories, only time will tell whether he'll risk his flawless record to prove his status as one of boxing's greatest champions.