Florida Man Tries to Break Into Undercover Cop Car With Police Inside

Stephen Titland, 49, thought that his persistence had finally paid off last Wednesday night when he finally found an unlocked car he could steal from. Unfortunately for Titland, it was an unmarked patrol car, and there were police deputies waiting for him inside.

Titland was caught on surveillance footage trying the handles of no less than seven cars parked in Trinity Oaks, Florida last Tuesday. Thinking that he'd gotten away unseen, Titland tried his scheme again the following night in Port Richey.

A task force known as the Strategic Targeted Area Response, who focus specifically on preventing burglaries, positioned themselves in Titland's vicinity. He walked down a line of cars parked on the street, discretely checking to see if any doors were unlocked. Titland couldn't see through the tinted windows in the dark, so he was utterly shocked when a car door finally opened, and a small group of officers greeted him from inside.

Titland was arrested, and later he was matched to the suspect from the footage taken the night before. He remains in jail on $45,150 bond.

Titland was already on probation for a previous burglary conviction. His charges in this new case include violating probation, attempted burglary, loitering and prowling, and auto burglary.