Father Accused of Murdering Pregnant Girlfriend Attempts Suicide in Holding Cell

A Staten Island man charged with killing his pregnant girlfriend allegedly attempted to commit suicide inside his holding cell.

Keith Jackson, 43, is said to have attempted to hang himself using a long-sleeved shirt in his holding cell at the 121st Precinct stationhouse on Staten Island on Thursday, the Daily Mail reports. A desk officer stopped him and he was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Jackson is accused of shooting his girlfriend, 35-year-old Bridget Shenk, to death inside of their apartment just before midnight on Thursday. Shenk attempted to crawl back inside of their apartment after being shot, but died in the doorway. She was three months pregnant. Jackson was arrested at the scene and charged with murder and possession of a gun.

Jackson is said to already be a father of three girls, but upon hearing that Shenk was pregnant, he wasn’t happy, telling her “I hope you spit out a boy, ‘cause my track record sucks.”

It is alleged that Jackson had become addicted to narcotics after having knee surgery. The couple is said to have been arguing over his drug use.