Eric Trump Melts Down During Interview About Father Donald's Taxes, Reported Debts

Eric Trump was visibly ticked off during his most recent appearance on ABC’s This Week on Sunday morning. Questioned about Donald Trump’s tax documents as discovered by The New York Times’ investigative team, the president’s son steered away from discussing what was asked of him, instead going on a tirade about how his family has “lost a fortune” ever since his father’s time in the Oval Office began four years ago.

“My father has lost a fortune running for president,” Trump began. “He doesn’t care, he wanted to what was right.” He went on to say that the last thing his father needs is to be president due to having to wake up and having to fight the media and the Democrats and “get punched in the head every single day.” Going on to say that under his father’s guidance, the country has reached its best economy and rebuilt the military, Trump brushed off Jon Karl’s attempts to steer the conversation back to The New York Times story. He then took a shot at Joe Biden, saying there’s no way he’s able to afford the mansion he lives in in Delaware, to which Karl once again tried to reel Trump in as he went off the rails.

Karl tried to press him on another subject over claims his father has had potential conflict of interests over business deals and his presidency, once again setting his son off. “We’re a hospitality company, we have tens of millions of people staying at our properties every single year. The New York Times is absolute fake news… every single day starting the morning of the debate they’ve dropped some story that they have been sitting on for the last six months or one year or two years to influence this election.”

Sunday proved to be yet another controversial day for the Trump family, first beginning with Eric’s meltdown during his interview and later in the day when Dr. Anthony Fauci called out their campaign team for misrepresenting him in one of their latest ads. Fauci wrote in a statement that he had quotes of his taken out of context and used in a Trump campaign ad to make it seem like he was giving his backing to the president, something Fauci has never done since being in his role. Trump countered by saying it was his words and there was no wrongdoing because it came from right from his mouth.