Elf on the Shelf Gets Special Care After Family Dog Got Hold of It

One of Santa's helpers needed the help of doctors after being attacked by the family dog.

Elf on the Shelf Sam, who resides at the home of 7-year-old Aubrie Thelen, suffered serious injuries after his mischievous ways led to him being attacked by Zoey, the family dog. With Christmas in jeopardy, Jenn Thelen, the 7-year-old's mother and nurse manager at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, took Sam to work with her to have doctors tend to his injuries.

Sam had suffered an amputated arm, as well as lacerations to his face, other arm and legs. To tend to his injuries, doctors had to use a special pair of "Santa's magical gloves" to allow them to work on Sam and not cause him to lose his magic.

"The team used expired medical products to work on the elf, and even used a special pair of Santa's magic gloves. Aubrie knew that the elf could not be touched but Jenn told her that the 'magic gloves' would allow the team to work on Sam," the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children wrote on their Facebook page. "One of our ER team members, Ashley, carefully put Sam back together again and bandaged his injuries all up. She even sprinkled some Christmas magic (glitter) on Sam when she was done."


The emergency surgery was a success and Sam was able to return to the Thelen household later that night after spending time in recovery. He is currently being kept out of reach of Zoey.