Dunkin' Donuts Reveals New 'Maple' Fall Menu

Dunkin' Donuts is ringing in fall a month early with the addition of several new maple-inspired menu items.

The leaves may not be changing colors just yet, but Dunkin' Donuts is changing its menu to reflect the changing of seasons. On Wednesday, the popular donut chain announced the addition of several new special menu items, all drawing inspiration from the autumnal season.

(Photo: Dunkin' Donuts)

Coming no later than Aug. 27, customers hoping to get their day started right at Dunkin' will be able to add an autumnal twist to their breakfast with the new Maple Cream Cheese Spread, which brings the popular taste of the season to the chain's creamy and delicious cream cheese spreads.

Customers hoping for a heartier breakfast option will be able to order the new Belgium Waffle Breakfast Sandwich, which offers the "perfect" blend of sweet caramelized Maple Sugar Bacon, egg and American Cheese, served between classic golden Belgian Waffles. The Maple Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwich, featuring a double serving of Maple Sugar Bacon served on a warm, flaky croissant, will also be on the menu.

On the sweeter side of things, Dunkin' is introducing the Apple Crisp Donut, which contains a sweet apple filling and is frosted with caramel icing and topped with crispy sweet oat topping. The Pumpkin Donut, available as a regular sized donut or as bite-size MUNCHKINS donut holes, and the Pumpkin Muffin will also be making its returns alongside the red icing and chocolate and orange sprinkles covered Festive Fall Donut.

To wash down the autumnal dishes and to give customers an extra boost of energy, the Maple Pecan-flavored coffee, which initially debuted at the chain in fall of 2017, will be back alongside the Pumpkin flavored coffee. Both caffeinated falls drinks will be available as hot or iced coffee, espresso beverages, Frozen Coffee, or Cold Brew coffee.

Dunkin' is not the only chain gearing up for fall. It is believed that on Aug. 28, Starbucks will be rolling out their favorite fall flavors, including the ever-popular Pumpkin Spice Latte, the Salted Caramel Mocha, and the Teavana Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte.


Internal documents from the company also teased the release of several more new fall additions, including the Cordusio, named after Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Milan, the Cold Foam Dark Cocoa Nitro, and the Iced Maple Pecan Latte with Cold Foam. The new fall beverages are expected to be rolled out throughout the first half of September.