Donald Trump Unveils Space Force Logo, Which Twitter Thinks Looks Exactly Like 'Star Trek's Emblem

The official logo for the U.S. Space Force is here, and everyone on Twitter seems to be making the same joke. Space Force is the sixth branch of the Armed Forces that was founded by President Donald Trump last month. Now, Entertainment Weekly has noticed a striking similarity to the iconic Star Trek logo — starting with Trek alum George Takei.

Takei first appeared on the second pilot of the original Star Trek series, the animated series from the 1970s, as well as the first six feature films. He also kept having fun, tweeting to the sitting president that "we are expecting some royalties from this."

Of course, the fun didn't stop with Takei, as several more noteworthy individuals also weighed in.

Worth noting that this new logo doesn't bear any real resemblance to the few that were proposed on Twitter in the summer of 2018 — not long after Space Force was first announced. Richard Banne, the man who designed NASA's 1975 logo, told TMZ that the half-dozen proposals were "sophomoric," as well as "impulsive, ill-advised, superficial and second-rate," and that a "random student from the Los Angeles Art Center" could have done better.

This all comes just a week after Twitter piled on the first look at the branch's uniforms, which also featured lots of jokes about how well the camouflage design will look in the vacuum of space. While Space Force may be the first new branch of the military created since 1947, Marina Koren wrote in The Atlantic that "the version" of the Space Force "that became law isn't exactly the one [Trump] might have in mind."


"The creation of the Space Force so far amounts to little more than a bureaucratic reorganization," she wrote, citing Air Force Historical Support Division director Richard Wolf, who said: "All you're doing is reshuffling the deck chairs."