Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Will Not Be Moved Despite Vandalism

President Donald Trump's star on the Walk of Fame will reportedly stay where it is despite the recent outbursts of vandalism and even violence surround it.

The small symbol of stardom has been repeatedly defaced in the last year and a half by those who oppose President Trump's policies and his station in general. Now, sources have told TMZ that the star will stay right where it is despite the fact that it has become a battleground.

The Los Angeles Police Department has reportedly met with the local Chamber of Commerce to discuss possible courses of action to stop the fighting. Unfortunately, both groups have come to the conclusion that removing the president's star would only encourage people to deface other stars in the hopes of getting them removed.

For now, police have accepted that the star will likely remain a target for vandals, provocateurs and activists, but they have accepted this over the alternative. They are aware there is a chance violence could break out at the star again, as it did on Thursday night.

The outlet published a video of a fist fight that broke out between Trump supporters and protesters earlier this week, after a heated debate over the controversial presidency. The brawl left at least one person with blood streaming down their face.


Earlier in the week, a protester was recorded destroying the star with a pick axe. He stood on the nearly abandoned street in the middle of the night chopping away at it until it was turned to dust.

The star is the site of ongoing street theater. On Friday, two men dressed as Russian soldiers pretended to "guard" the star, in reference to the president's alleged collusion with Vladimir Putin. The association has also caused a sharp upswing in memes ever since the president's speech in Helsinki.