Donald Trump Bashes Chris Wallace, Brings up His Father: 'He's No Mike'

One day removed from leaving Walter Reed medical center for COVID-10 following his positive test, [...]

One day removed from leaving Walter Reed medical center for COVID-10 following his positive test, President Donald Trump is as active as ever on Twitter and among his tweets, took a shot at Chris Wallace. The Fox News anchor served as the moderator for the first debate between Trump and Joe Biden, drawing some criticism for what perceived to be a lack of control between the two candidates.

In response to a tweet about how the next moderator should press Biden more on his policies, Trump aimed Wallace and going as far as to call him a "JOKE" in all caps. He believed he was protecting him throughout the evening and finished his tweet by saying, "He's no, Mike." The father of Chris, Mike Wallace, was a well-respected journalist during his heyday, serving as one of the first correspondents on 60 Minutes.

Wallace, who reported he tested negative for the coronavirus following the debate, has been dealing with Trump and his advisers ever since the debate. On Fox News Sunday, Steve Cortes, a campaign adviser for the president, accused Wallace of being one-sided in moderating the debate, "You were not a neutral moderator then." Wallace countered by saying he and Biden were interrupted 145 times by Trump and against the rules. The two also went to one another regarding Trump's family, not wearing masks after entering their seats.

After the debate, Wallace admitted he was shocked at how the event unfolded, telling the New York Times that never imagined things would "go off the tracks" as they did. He said he read the reviews and heard people calling his performance weak, but he was unaware that Trump's "strategy" would cause chaos in the debate. "I'm a pro," he explained. "I've never been through anything like this."

Along with attacking Wallace on Twitter on Tuesday, Trump also aimed at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the relief bill. He shot down Pelosi's proposal and went a step further in stating that he would be placing a halt on stimulus talks until after the Nov. 3 election, much to the dismay of Pelosi, who said Trump's move shortly after to which he quickly countered on Twitter. As of Tuesday, it appears that there are no hopes of any relief fund being passed until the end of the year, if not until 2021.