Stimulus: Donald Trump Takes Another Shot at Nancy Pelosi After Halting Talks

President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spent Tuesday evening going back and forth at one another following Trump’s announcement that he would be putting a halt to negotiations regarding a stimulus plan. One day after being released from Walter Reed medical center after testing positive for COVID-19, Trump wrote on Twitter that talks for a relief plan would have to stall until after the Nov. 3 election, drawing the ire of Pelosi as he shot down the Democrats proposal in the process. “We made a very generous offer of $1.6 trillion dollars and, as usual, [Pelosi] is not negotiating in good faith.”

Following Trump’s Twitter posts, Pelosi put out a statement calling out Trump for showing his “true colors.” She added that walking away from these discussions shows that he “unwilling to crush the virus.” After seeing her counter, Trump didn’t take long to fire off another tweet directed at Pelosi, referring to her as “crazy.” He suggested that her proposal was an attempt to fix “Democrat-failed, high crime cities and states” and that he wasn’t going to fall for their “games.”

As he wrote in his original tweet, Trump’s decision to stop negotiations has to do with wanting them to emphasize instead approving Supreme Court Amy Coney Barrett. He wrote that Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will now place his “focus full time” on accomplishing this. He also implied that when negotiations resume after the election, “immediately after I win,” that his team will pass a “major” stimulus bill that is focused on “hardworking Americans and small business.”

Trump’s message on Tuesday came as a surprise to many, especially considering his health situation. All of this comes just four days removed from him revealing that he and his wife had received positive tests. Trump then had a brief stay at Walter Reed before returning on Monday evening, where many viewers felt he did not look well, and some suggested he appeared to be gasping for air at certain points. Despite coming down with the virus, Trump remains adamant that he will be participating in the upcoming second debate against Joe Biden.