Domino's Reveals Cheesy New Item That Most Customers Won't Get to Try

Domino's Pizza is proving that you can never have too much cheese. The fan-favorite pizza chain has added a new item to the menu that is perfect for cheese-lovers – the Cheese Toastie Crust. The new ordering option, drawing comparisons to grilled cheese sandwiches, finishes any Classic Base pizza crust with a "generous sprinkle of Australian Cheddar Cheese" according to Chew Boom. Unfortunately for pizza fans, the new Cheese Toastie Crust is only available in Australia.

News of the Cheese Toastie Crust generated plenty of chatter online after reports first surfaced that it was headed to menus at Domino's Pizza locations across Australia. Responding to one report, someone said there is "always room for burnt cheese on the edges." Another person said the Cheese Toastie Crust "sounds DELICIOUS." Somebody from the U.S. was even quick to make it known that they hope the crust makes its way to the U.S., asking, "what is the delivery fee to Louisiana, USA? I'm hungry."

As for how it tastes? Keith Nallawalla wrote for A Nice Home that the Cheese Toastie Crust is pretty good, though it may be better as a novelty add-on that is only enjoyed on occasion. Writing that "if you're a fan of the type of pizza sold at Domino's, you'll find this worth trying," Nallawalla added that he was "glad" he gave the new crust a try.

"The crispy cheese is nice, but it kind of feels like this was created by accident, and perhaps it originally was! My concern is that it seemed like there was less overall topping on the pizza than usual. It was this strange border of not much going on where it's just the cheddar meeting the mozzarella I don't know if I was just unlucky with mine," Nallawalla's review reads. "I think it's worth trying but I'd generally prefer to pay a little extra for the regular cheese crust, which is more filling and better justifies the added cost."

The Cheese Toastie Crust is currently available at Domin's Pizza locations in Australia only. It costs an additional $2.50 AUD, or about $1.79 USD, which A Nice Home noted is cheaper than the regular Cheesy Crust, which typically costs around $3.45. It is unclear if Domino's has plans to bring the Cheese Toastie Crust to its U.S. locations or if there will be an eventual global rollout.