Dez Bryant Reveals Malcolm X Thoughts Amid Widespread George Floyd Protests

George Floyd's murder has sparked protests and outrage around the world. Several prominent figures have channeled their frustration with photos and quotes while others have called for change. Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant expressed his opinions with a Malcolm X-inspired photo on social media.

Bryant posted a photo on Instagram to make his point very clear. He sat on the hood of his Rolls Royce and pointed at a street sign for Malcolm X BLVD. Bryant also posted a series of notes on Instagram calling for those with a platform to push for a real change. He expressed a want for "real solutions" that directly benefit the communities and those hurting.

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"Inspired by Malcolm X... I understood Malcolm X ... I live Malcolm X. S— my Rolls Royce Cullinan named after Malcom (sic) X I bet if Malcom (sic) X was living he would trade places with a lot of us if he could. Just to have the opportunity to set the right example. We have to acknowledge what's been changed and acknowledge every time a f—ed up cop kill one of ours we are going to riot, show love, passion and compassion for ours and at the same time not let the moment be just another moment. We have to keep fighting for better and fighting change," Bryant wrote in the caption of his photo.

Bryant called for those with platforms to push for change, and multitudes have done so. Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has been very vocal about Floyd's death and the subsequent responses. He also posted a collage showing a photo of now-fired officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd's neck next to one of Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem.

Similarly, several prominent athletes have vented their anger and frustration on various social media platforms. NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace said that "s—s getting old" and asked what is going to change. Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry posted the image of Chauvin and delivered a message to those that aren't disturbed by the situation.


"GEORGE FLOYD If this image doesn't disturb you and piss you off, then [I don't know]. I've seen a lot of people speak up and try to articulate how fed up and angry they are. All good and well but it's the same same same reality we live in," Curry wrote on Instagram.

"George Floyd. George Floyd. George has a family. George didn't deserve to die. George pleaded for help and was just straight up ignored, which speaks loud and clear that his black life didn't matter. George was murdered. George wasn't human to that cop that slowly and purposefully took his life away. #georgefloyd."