Del Taco Brings Back Authentic Mexican Classic for Holiday Season

November didn't mark just the start of the holiday season, it also marked the start of tamale season at one fan-favorite fast-food restaurant. Del Taco, known for its full range of made-to-order Mexican items, officially brought back its authentic Mexican tamales to the menu for the 2021 holiday season in mid-November.

An annual offering that fans spend months waiting for, Del Taco's authentic Mexican tamale menu consists of two separate tamales – Red & Green Smothered Tamales and Chili Cheese Smothered Tamales. The Red & Green Smothered Tamales boast two tamales that are topped with both zesty red and tangy green sauces, cool sour cream, and freshly chopped cilantro, while the Chili Cheese Smothered Tamales feature two juicy, shredded pork tamales topped with hearty beef chili, freshly grated cheddar cheese, and cool sour cream. Del Taco offers several different ordering options, including the 2 for $4 Tamales, which allows fans to get two freshly steamed shredded pork tamales for only $4. There is also the Tamales 4 Pack, which offers up four pork tamales. The Tamales Fiesta Pack, meanwhile, lets fans feed the entire family with 12 tamales, housemade salsa Casera, and utensils.

"Del Taco's tamale menu is back and it's officially the most wonderful time of the year," Tim Hackbardt, Del Taco's Chief Marketing Officer, said in a press release. "Del Taco fans love our tamales and wait all year for the return of their favorite holiday comfort food. We're excited to also bring back our fan-favorite Chili Cheese Smothered Tamales and popular Tamales Fiesta Pack that includes 12 tamales."

News of the tamale menu's return has certainly been met with excitement. After Del Taco confirmed authentic Mexican tamales would be back on the menu as of Nov. 18, fans flooded the chain's Instagram post, with one person writing, "THANK YOU." Another person could only respond with, "YES YES YES!!!"


Mexican Tamales can be found at participating Del Taco locations nationwide for a limited time through the holiday season. The fast-food chain is celebrating the tamale menu's return with an awesome deal. From Monday, Nov. 29 through Friday, Dec. 31, Del Taco tamales will be exclusively available for delivery to DoorDash DashPass members. DashPass users can also receive $3 off any order over $15 during this time.