Dad Poses Adorable Daughter as Iconic Bald Celebrities After Shaving Her Head

There are many ways to win at parenting, but this photographer dad who shaved his toddler's head and dressed her up as iconic bald celebrities is clearly winning more than most.

Twitter user Emily Muñoz first shared the pictures of her baby cousin, writing, "My uncle shaved my cousins head so it'll grow back thicker and now he doesn't know how to act."

Her uncle posed his baby daughter like 2007-era Britney Spears, when she was enduring a very public breakdown, and Eleven, the beloved character from the Netflix hit series Stranger Things.

Many people chimed in on the pictures, overwhelmingly expressing approval for the adorable little girl's cosplay.

One user said, "What have we done to deserve this child," while another tweeted, "she's the cutest."

Someone asked if there were more pictures and Muñoz then shared another picture of her cousin as Eleven eating a waffle.

Speaking to Yahoo, Muñoz said that her uncle is thrilled with the response to the pictures.


"I find his creativity so original and humorous, because shaving a baby's head is something cultural, but he still made the best of the situation. So with cutting her hair, it was a fun experiment, because it was for his professional photography and marketing, with his WorkRoom Marketing," she said.

"I'm glad to be a part of exposing his work and passion, with what I thought would only get a few likes," Muñoz added.