Dad Dies Rescuing 3-Year-Old From Car After It Rolls Into Pond

A father in Indiana has died after rescuing his 3-year-old daughter from a car that had rolled into a pond.

Authorities in Indianapolis, Indiana said that Anthony Burgess Jr., 24, died after he saved his 3-year-old daughter from a vehicle that had rolled into a retention pond on Sunday, March 25, the New York Post reports.

According to reports from officials and eyewitnesses, Burgess had parked his car and gotten out to speak with a friend at a nearby apartment. The toddler allegedly attempted to follow Burgess, but he instructed her to get back into the car.

The Indianapolis Fire Department believe that the girl accidentally hit the gear shift as she climbed back into the car and across the front seat, sending the vehicle rolling into a retention pond at the apartment complex.

Burgess and his friend immediately rushed into the pond to save the 3-year-old. The 24-year-old father, who did not know how to swim, was able to pull his daughter from the vehicle and a bystander who had rushed to help was able to pull her to safety.

Burgess was pulled from the water after being submerged for 19 minutes, according to FOX 59. CPR was administered and he was transported to St. Vincent in critical condition. He died from his injuries Sunday night.

Burgess' daughter was taken to Riley in critical but stable condition. She was upgraded Monday and was expected to be move out of intensive care.


The Indianapolis Fire Department said that the temperature of the water was 35 degrees at the time of the incident.

Divers later located the vehicle about 25 feet deep and 50 feet from shore. On Monday, March 26, crews retrieved the car from the retention pond.