Conor McGregor Faces More Legal Heat After Skipping Deposition

Conor McGregor is facing more legal heat after skipping out on a deposition, following his recent [...]

Conor McGregor is facing more legal heat after skipping out on a deposition, following his recent UFC loss.

According to The Blast, McGregor was scheduled to be deposed in an assault case against the fighter by a man who claims he incurred injuries when McGregor threw a can of Monster Energy and it hit the alleged victim on the back.

McGregor had already moved the deposition once before, and now he flat out missed the rescheduled date of Oct. 18.

The man who claims he was injured during the incident — which took place at a 2016 press event for McGregor's fight with Nate Diaz — now says that he wants the fighter sanctioned for his "flagrant conduct." He is also requesting that the judge in the case rule in his favor and reward him the $95,000 he is suing for.

At this time, neither McGregor nor his legal team appear to have commented on the missed deposition.

While there is no word on if McGregor will win this fight, there is no mistake that he did not win his last one against Khabib Nurmagomedov. Even "The Notorious" himself has admitted that.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, McGregor called round two of his fight with Nurmagomedov "the worst round of my fighting career."

"Round 2 he is running away around the cage before being blessed with a right hand that changed the course of the round, and the fight. It was a nice shot. After the shot I bounced back up to engage instantly, but again he dipped under to disengage. That is the sport and it was a smart move that led to a dominant round, so no issue. Well played," McGregor wrote in a breakdown of the round.

"If I stay switched on and give his stand up even a little more respect, that right hand never gets close and we are talking completely different now.
I gave his upright fighting no respect in preparation. No specific stand up spars whatsoever," he added. "Attacking grapplers/wrestlers only. That won't happen again. I also gave my attacking grappling no respect. To defense minded."

The former UFC champion then conveyed some "lessons" he learned from that poorly fought round. "Listen to nobody but yourself on your skill set. You are the master of your own universe. I am the master of this. I must take my own advice," McGregor confessed.

There have been rumors that McGregor and Nurmagomedov may have a rematch, but there is currently no official confirmation.