Coca-Cola Introduces New Flavor

The Coca-Cola beverage collection is expanding! The iconic cola company is offering up an all-new caffeinated beverage, on Wednesday announcing the addition of Coca-Cola with Coffee Mocha to its ever-expanding flavor profile. The new beverage features Coca-Cola infused with a rich mocha flavor, which, according to Nielsen and as reported by Chew Boom, "is the number one flavor in ready-to-drink coffee."

Coca-Cola with Coffee Mocha is set to hit store shelves on Monday, Feb. 7. However, Coca-Cola is giving fans the chance to score an early taste of the drink. Fans hoping for a chance to receive a first sip of the new beverage before its official debut can submit their address on Those who score the drink while supplies last will have their of Coca-Cola with Coffee Mocha delivered in a unique way, with Coca-Cola opting for a bit of innovation by using a mix of robotic, on-demand, and quick-turn contactless deliveries.

While the Coca-Cola with Coffee Mocha is an all-new offering, it is not the first Coca-Cola beverage to add coffee to the mix. In fact, the drink is being introduced a year after the company rolled out Coca-Cola with Coffee. Infused with Brazilian coffee and having "the same taste of a classic Coke but with a hint of coffee flavor," Coca-Cola with Coffee rolled out in three varieties – dark blend, vanilla, and caramel. Prior to that, the company in 2017 introduced Coca-Cola Coffee Plus No Sugar, a limited edition caffeinated beverage that launched in Japan and later rolled out to select countries. That drink combined "the traditional taste [of the classic version] with "a dash of real coffee from Brazil" and "subtle caramel undertones."

In 2022, Coca-Cola is doing more than just introduce new flavors. The company is also looking to completely revamp its look. This year, Coca-Cola will be rolling out a new look across the Coca-Cola flavors platform with a new modern design. The new look features "vibrant, colorful cans" that "quickly communicate flavors and a bold, dominant script to hero Coca-Cola's branding."


According to Chew Boom, under the revamped design, solid colored cans will designate single flavors like Cherry and Vanilla. Meanwhile, stacked colored cans will signify dual flavors, such as Cherry Vanilla. Coca-Cola said that black script reinforces zero sugar and zero calorie, and consistent gold tops reinforce caffeine-free drinks.