Cinco de Mayo: 5 Items That Will Make Your Party the Best

Cinco de Mayo comes but once a year and, just like clockwork, the big holiday is right around the corner again. The holiday commemorates Mexico's victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, and over the years it has grown to be a massive celebration across the United States as well. While many will stop in at their local Mexcian food restaurant on May 5, others like to get together with family and friends to party the night away, enjoying fun times with friends, delicious food, and great drinks.

Sure, you could take a stroll through the grocery store and pick up a few things here and there, to help get your party going. Grabbing some drinks and chips and dip will certainly make people happy, and offer a good time, but you don't want just a "good party," you want an awesome party! For that, has put together a collection of five things you definitely want to buy so that your party is the best it can be. Scroll down to check out all our suggestions starting with...

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CaliFino Tequila Cinco de Mayo Cocktail Kit

This specially crafted kit from CaliFino and Saloonbox has everything you need to kick off your Cinco de Mayo party. The kit comes with a bottle of CaliFino Reposado tequila, mixers, recipes, and all the accoutrements needed to shake up some refreshing Cinco do Mayo drinks.

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Lone River Ranch-Rita

The Texas-based Lone River beverage company is well-known for its Ranch Water drink, as well as other delicious flavors, and now they've expanded their products with the new Ranch Rita hard seltzer. The newly released drink "is a margarita style beverage made with agave nectar and a taste of lime." Tossing a couple of cases of Ranch Rita in an iced-out cooler will keep your Cinco de Mayo party going all night long!

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Chido Sparkling Water with Tequila

If sparking water-style beverages are more your speed, then definitely pick up a some cases of Chido for your  Cinco de Mayo party. The company offers an array of flavor options (we highly recommend the Pink Paloma), so there will be something for everyone!

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Tostitos (available to order from Amazon)

With options ranging from original to Cantina to Scoops, Tostitos has something for everyone. We highly recommend the Tostitos flavored with a hint of lime, as well as the ones with a hint of guacamole, to really make any Cinco de Mayo party a big hit. Check out the new Tostitos Fiesta Remix website for some great Cinco de Mayo recipes and party ideas!

3 for $24.95 at Amazon
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ZUBI'S Variety Pack

If you're gonna have some chips, you got to have some dips to go with them. It just makes sense. The ZUBI'S variety pack from Amazon has you totally covered with three options: a small batch salsa, an organic & dairy free crema, and a queso.

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Lola's Fine Hot Sauce

Editor's Pick: Finally, whether you just serve up some dips, or grill up some carnitas and quesadillas, Lola's Fine Hot Sauce will give all your party snacks an extra kick with a bounty of flavors that accentuate every meal or snack. You can pick up a few bottles of Lola's from Amazon and have them delivered right to your door before Cinco de Mayo!

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