Cause of Casey Anthony's Dad George Crashing Car Revealed to Be Reported Seizure

George Anthony, the father of Casey Anthony, may have suffered a serious medical emergency in the moments before he was seriously injured in a car accident over the weekend.

According to a 911 audio recording placed by a female caller and obtained by PEOPLE, Anthony appeared to have suffered a seizure before his Toyota 4Runner flipped "several times" on Interstate 95 in Daytona Beach on Saturday.

"A man just had a seizure," the female caller told the dispatcher. "He's all over the road. Now he's on the side of the road."

"Okay, so we have a person having seizure on [the interstate]?" the dispatcher asked.

"Yes, he is," the caller responded.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, as well as the incident report that was filed, Anthony had been driving his wife's Toyota 4Runner on a Florida interstate on Saturday when he became "ill (sick) or fainted," causing him to lose control of the vehicle. Anthony reportedly drove off the road, and in his attempt to swerve back, he flipped his vehicle "several times" before it came to rest in the center median.

Anthony was the only person in the vehicle at the time, and he was said to have suffered "incapacitating injuries" that required him to be airlifted to nearby Halifax Medical Center. His condition is currently not known.

Despite the seriousness of his injuries, his daughter, whom he has a strained relationship with, reportedly has "no intention to talk" with him, according to a source, who told the outlet that Casey didn't talk to him for years before the accident. Why would she talk to him now? It wouldn't make any sense. She has no intention to talk to him."

Anthony and his daughter's relationship began to crumble after the Anthony family was thrust into the spotlight following the 2008 disappearance of Casey's 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, whose body was found six months after she disappeared. The subsequent trial, in which Casey was charged with murder, fractured their relationship even further when Casey's defense team alleged that her father had molested her from the time she was young.

Anthony denied the allegations, though the damage seemed to be not reparable. Despite Casey being found not guilty, she and Anthony have not spoken in years.


During a recent appearance on Dr. Oz, Anthony opened up about his strained relationship with his daughter, stating that while he wishes that he could still be a part of her life, he "would never feel comfortable around her. I can't trust her."