Burger King Introduces Chocolate Whopper Ahead of April Fool's Day

Burger King just announced its latest menu item, and it's either one of their greatest creations or an early April Fool's joke.

Fans won't find out if that's the case until Monday, but in the meantime the fast food corporation went ahead with a video announcing their latest creation — the Chocolate Whopper — via video shared to their Twitter on Friday.

If the meal actually exists, it consists of a chocolate cake bun, a flame-grilled chocolate patty, raspberry syrup, white chocolate rings, candied blood oranges, milk chocolate leaves and vanilla frosting.

"Coming soon to your local Burger King. Maybe," the account wrote along with the video.

By all accounts this seems to be a prank, but the restaurant played coy with Twitter users who tried to call them out.

"Little early for April Fool's jokes, isn't it? This IS a joke, right??" a Twitter user wrote.

"Don't jokes begin with 'knock knock'?" Burger King replied.

Another user pointed out that they should call it the "Chopper" instead of the Whopper as a clever play on words.

Burger King declined the idea, saying "(Because) that's a helicopter."

The fast food restaurant isn't the only company already getting a head start on the 2018 edition of the internet's favorite day for pranks.

Mountain Dew reportedly placed a Craigslist ad for a vacation at the "Baja Bungalow," complete with "everything you can dream of for the ultimate summer rental including an indoor hydro typhoon surf simulator and tropical blast shower heads." Unfortunately the ad has already been flagged and removed, according to Eater.com.

Elsewhere, Jagermeister has already posted a video for their latest fake product called the "Jager Balm," the perfect remedy for "bartender's elbow."

Candy compnay Reese's got a head start by taking over an egg aisle at a New Jersey grocery store, replacing every egg with their Reese' peanut butter creme eggs. According to Reese's brand manager, the reactions from custoemrs were "happy, surprised, amused and confused."


It turns out Burger King isn't the only fast food company to try and get in on the festivities this year. Arby's announced via a fake advertisement that it had teamed up with eyewear company Warby Parker to make the first ever "WArby's Onion Ring Monocle." Thought unlike Burger King's idea, this one was pretty easy to spot as a fake.