Burger King Adds New Whopper Variation to the Menu, But There's a Catch

More than 60 years after it first made its debut, the Whopper is undergoing a bit of a transformation. Burger King has rolled out a brand new variation of its most iconic menu item, transforming the Whopper burger into the Whopper Melt at select locations in Ohio for a limited-scale test run that has the possibility to see the new menu item roll out nationwide.

Whopper Melt sandwiches are described as "a new, cheesy, melty way to enjoy the brand's signature Whopper," according to Chew Boom, which explained that the sandwiches served with flame-grilled beef patties and sandwiched between two slices of toast. The Whopper Melt comes in three different varieties. The original Whopper Melt boasts two Whopper Jr. Patties, adding up to a quarter-pound of flame-grilled beef, melty American cheese, caramelized onions and Stacker Sauce, the ingredients served two slices of toast. The Spicy Whopper Melt, meanwhile, turns up the heat with the addition of jalapenos and creamy spicy sauce. The final variation is for bacon lovers. With all of the same ingredients as the traditional Whopper Melt, the Bacon Whopper Melt also boasts crispy bacon sandwiched between those two slices of toast.

Whopper Melts are currently being tested at select locations in Toledo, Ohio for a limited time. It remains to be seen if BK will eventually introduce the new Whopper variation to restaurants nationwide, and it's likely that decision will be made pending the results of the Whopper Melt's popularity at its test locations. They come with a price tag of $3.99.

The Whopper first debuted on menus back in 1957, the famed burger boasting a quarter pound of savory flame-grilled beef that is topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a soft sesame seed bun. In the decades since its debut, the Whopper has become one of the most iconic fast food items, on the same tier as the McDonald's Big Mac.


While BK fans may enjoy the Whopper in its traditional form, they also have the chance to completely transform it via a little-known hack. In late December, a TikTok user transformed a Big Mac into a crispy cheese sandwich with the addition of several cheddar cheese slices and a little cooking in a hack that some fast food lovers have since used to transform their Whoppers into a cheesier dish.