Burger King Menu Hack Completely Transforms the Whopper

One TikTok user has the perfect idea for anyone who thinks the McDonald's BigMac or Burger King Whopper burgers do not have enough cheese in between those buns. He turned a BigMac into a crispy cheese sandwich that just happened to have a McDonald's burger patty inside. The sandwich might be a little overkill for those with sensitive stomachs.

In the video, [cheeseordesserts] is seen taking a standard McDonald's burger, then adding several cheddar cheese slices to the sandwich. He then sprinkled flour on the cheesy sandwich, rolled it around in breadcrumbs and more cheese before throwing it on an oiled frying pan. After it was deep-fried, it turned into a giant crunchy baked cheese ball that had a McDonald's patty inside. At the end of the video, @cheesordesserts took a big bite to show the inside of the end result. In The Know also published a recipe for the concoction. The site used a Burger King Whopper for their sandwich.


Reply to @theminecraftuniverse I love deep fried BigMacs they taste amazing🔥🍔 #burger #bigmac #cheese #cheeseordesserts #deepfried

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The deep-fried burger earned plenty of praise from TikTok users. "That's the most American thing I've seen all day," one person wrote. "That's not a hamburger that's a fried meat cheese sandwich," another joked. "You um... Want some burger with your cheese?" one fan asked.

Earlier this month, Burger King celebrated the 64th birthday of the Whopper by selling them for 37 cents on Dec. 3 and 4. The deal was only available for Burger King Royal Perks members though, reports USA Today. Days before the deal was announced, Burger King said it would cut down on menu items in an effort to speed up drive-thru service. 

"We're working on eliminating SKUs that – we're simplifying processes that have become a bit too complicated in terms of sandwich builds, and doing a better job in terms of the menu design to make it easier for the customer, at the drive-thru, in particular, to make quicker decisions," Jose Cil, CEO of Restaurant Brands International, said on Dec. 1. In other words, don't expect fried Whoppers to join the menu any time soon.