Brian Laundrie's Parents Dispel Shocking 'Hoax' About Their Home in Wake of Son's Death

Brian Laundrie's parents are putting a hoax to rest after a sign was placed on their property Tuesday. According to the family's lawyer, Steven Bertolino, the for sale sign placed in front of their property is nothing but a hoax placed there by a third party.

"It was either photoshop or someone put the sign, took the picture, and then took the sign down. We don't know nor do we care," Bertolino told The Sun. According to The Sun, the hoax sign is only the latest bit of speculation about the property since the search for Laundrie and the murder of ex Gabby Petito.

Laundrie's parents have been accused of helping their son or hiding information from authorities while he was on the run. One theory the internet continued to grab to was the thought that the Laundrie family flower garden was central to the case and final destination of Brian Laundrie. There were even allegations that Laundrie was actually hiding under the flower garden in some sort of doomsday bunker.

Nome of these theories or rumors bore any fruit during the investigation, with Laundrie's death sealing the fate of the late person of interest. The efforts of Dog the Bounty Hunter and John Walsh, television personalities that inserted themselves into the case, also lent to many theories.

Dog, real name Duane Chapman, spoke on television about Laundrie's social media posting and artwork, calling some of the imagery satanic or evil while ignoring how it was based in pop culture or the video game world.


Laundrie's remains were discovered with a notebook that has many speculating about the art and the contents within. A few souls also debate if the young fugitive was truly deceased.

Petito was discovered dead in a Wyoming campground on Sept. 19, weeks after last being seen alive and declared missing. Police video of a traffic stop during a domestic violence call painted a chilling picture in hindsight and left many clamoring for the truth. Sadly, the manhunt that followed ended with Laundrie's suicide, cementing the lack of answers for the time to come.