'Bomb Cyclone' Exploding VIPs' Golden Globes Plans

As the Golden Globes draw closer, the bomb cyclone taking over the East Coast is ruining some VIPs' plans for the first award show weekend of the year.

Thousands of flights across the country were canceled and both JFK and LaGuardia airports shut down for parts of Thursday as New York commuters frantically shuffled their plans around as they tried to head to Los Angeles for the weekend.

Some made it out by 7 a.m. before the worst of the Winter Storm Grayson hit, but others weren't so lucky.

The weekend of parties leading up to Sunday's awards ceremony kicks off Thursday with W Magazine's annual bash at the Chateau Marmont, where guests are expected to include Jennifer Lawrence, Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot, Mary J. Blige, Salma Hayek and others. But the guest list could dwindle if snowbound New York VIPs can't make it.

Celebs aren't the only ones battling the tough weather conditions, however. Thursday was a travel nightmare for anyone commuting in or out of the Big Apple. More than 1,000 flights were canceled, trains were severely delayed, many roads were impassible and even the ferries had to be reduced or scrapped altogether. At Newark Airport, 867 flights were canceled.

"We still have the most delayed airports in the country, and winter storms certainly don't help," said Joseph Sitt, chairman of Global Gateway Alliance. "Check with your airline before leaving home and give yourself plenty of time."

Airline officials said that travelers should continue to monitor their flights and that delays and cancellations would be expected until at least Friday afternoon.

At least four people have died as a result of the bomb cyclone, which warranted blizzard warnings and states of emergencies along the East Coast. Some areas experienced gusts of winds up to 76 mph, while eastern Massachusetts and most of Rhode Island braced for snow falling as fast as three inches per hour.

Forecasters urge those affected by the bomb cyclone to pay attention to emergency officials, as frostbite and hypothermia are two real possibilities of the storm. The Weather Channel says to check the wind chill, also known as the "feels like" temperature, before going outside.

"This is because the wind strips away the thin layer of warm air above your skin," The Weather Channel explains. "The stronger the wind, the more heat lost from your body, and the colder it will feel. When the winds are light, it will feel closer to the actual air temperature."

The more extreme the wind chill, the more dangerous it can be for you outside. You will have a high risk of hypothermia, which happens when your core body temperature drops below 95 degrees.

To prevent hypothermia, the NWS suggests you dress in layers, wrap yourself up well, avoid walking into breezes, eat hot foods and drink warm drinks and make sure you wear a warm hat. If you start feeling cold, sluggish and have trouble thinking clearly, you should go to an emergency room.

In extremely cold temperatures, you can begin developing frostbite after just five minutes outside, according to the NWS. However, it is not forecast to get that cold during the bomb cyclone.


The best way to avoid frostbite is to stay inside during the extreme cold. If you have to go outside, make sure every part of your body is covered. That includes your ears, nose, fingers and toes. You also want to stay hydrated, but avoid alcohol and coffee.