Viewers Freak out Over Bird Stealing Puffin's Food on 'Blue Planet 2'

During Sunday's episode of Blue Planet II, the BBC aired footage of a puffin having his food stolen by an Arctic skuas. The clip drew a quick reaction from the audience at home, many of whom felt terrible for the poor puffin.

"Never have I cared so much about whether a puffin got back with a fish to feed its baby," one viewer wrote.

One viewer was in tears. After all, that puffin didn't get to feed her children now that the fish was stolen.

One viewer compared a puffin taking a fish home without eating it to him making it home from McDonald's without eating and French fries.

Another viewer was excited to learn that a baby puffin is called a puffling.


Blue Planet II airs on BBC One in the U.K. on Sunday nights and has become the most-watched show of the year there. Up to 17 million people have seen episodes on TV and online, the BBC told The Independent. It will air on BBC America at a later date.

Photo credit: Twitter / @BBCEarth