People Are Freaking out Over 'Blue Planet 2' Spider Crab Video

The BBC docuseries Planet Earth: The Blue Planet II is the kind of thing most people watch for a relaxing night in. It's perfect for curling up on the couch with loved ones and marvelling at the beauty of nature -- most of the time.

A recent episode of The Blue Planet II took a less soothing turn when it introduced viewers to a swarm of growing spider crabs, shot in high definition close-ups. Watch the clip below:

The segment didn't sit well with squeamish audiences. There are some who don't like spiders, and some who don't like crabs, and the intersection between the two groups seems to be bigger than the BBC thought. Here are some Twitter's reactions.

Christina McKelvie, member of the Scottish Parliament, was pretty unsettled by the spider crab footage, calling it "the stuff of nightmares."

Viewers were channeling Frank Reynolds on the matter.

Paul Mitchell turned his terror into a spider crab song.

Tom Freeman might be onto something here. Or, maybe he just leaked the plot to Tom Holland's next movie, only time will tell.


Jane Devonshire, champion of Master Chef UK 2016, said exactly what we were all thinking.

Spider crabs notwithstanding, Blue Planet II is a thrill-ride of a nature documentary, narrated by David Attenborough and scored by Hans Zimmer. Hopefully this creep-crawly interlude won't turn too many viewers away for good.