Baby Tortilla Swaddling Wrap Brings Human Burritos to Real Life

There are many things to love in life, two of which are babies and burritos. Thanks to this product, both can be combined, making for an incredibly Instagrammable moment for you and your tiny bundle of joy.

Uncommon Goods is selling a blanket aptly named the "Burrito Baby," which promises "soft layers" and a "cotton-blend tortilla swaddle" that might make you hungry just looking at it.

The baby in the product photo even has a matching tortilla-printed hat on, though it's unclear whether the hat is included in your purchase. The blanket is currently backordered and expected to ship on April 30, though the wait will obviously be worth it when you can wrap your infant up like a Chipotle dish.

(Photo: Uncommon Goods)

There's also an adult-sized version, should you want to match your burrito baby or just look like a burrito yourself. That blanket has been making the rounds on Twitter, where people clearly love embodying their favorite food while also staying cozy.

"Well I did it. I ordered a 70" burrito blanket." one person wrote, dubbing the purchase an #ImpulseBuy.

The adult version of the blanket was originally made by Zen Life, though

Animals are also welcome to use the burrito blanket, as provides ample opportunity for puns.

Seriously, lots of puns.


The adult version of the product was originally made by Zen Life, though similar items have since popped up on Etsy and other websites.

Photo Credit: Uncommon Goods