'The Ranch' Star Ashton Kutcher Sounds off on Donald Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Ashton Kutcher took to his Twitter account on Wednesday to share some cryptic thoughts about [...]

Ashton Kutcher took to his Twitter account on Wednesday to share some cryptic thoughts about Congress' impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. The Ranch star offered a series of short tweets that seem to hint at his theory as to what is really going on with Trump, American politics and the media. It gets pretty deep, so be ready.

He started things off by tweeting, "Was doing a little research and found this." He then links out to a Wikipedia page for Illusory truth effect. According to Wikipedia, this effect is "the tendency to believe false information to be correct after repeated exposure."

Kutcher then fired off four tweets in succession that said, "America listen closely to the repetition," "It's already begun," "On both sides" and "Do the research and make up your own mind."

Kutcher then came back to Twitter about 20 minutes later and wrote, "Buzz words: witch hunt, collusion, fake news. Ignore it all just look at facts," which was followed up by, "It's not about what he says or what they think. Or what I think. It's about what you think."

But the tweet storm wasn't finished. He came back to say, "I'm so tired of pundits telling people what to think. They don't give the American people any credit for their own intelligence and In fact they cause people to reject what's in plain sight," and "We won't all come to the same conclusion an that's ok. But let's not let this rip us further apart." The actor's distaste for the political media seems to be at least one thing him and Trump have in common.

Regardless of what the American people think right now, the facts we know are that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced on Tuesday that Congress will open an impeachment inquiry into the President. Pressure had been mounting from House Democrats for her to do, but the final straw was the whistler-blower allegation that Trump asked Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine,to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter in exchange for continuing financial support.

On Wednesday, the White House released a memo that contained much of the transcript from that call. Trump was quick to call the whole thing "just a continuation of the witch hunt. It's the worst witch hunt in political history."